I’m Dann Stockton. Here’s some info about me:

  1. I’m married to Jenny

  2. I have been playing music for a living for the last eight years. Here’s some of the people I’ve played with:

  3. I love building things on the web, here’s a few examples.

  4. I love learning new things. Here’s some of the things I’m interested in:

    • Web development
    • Music
    • Reading good books
    • Eating good food
    • Writing
    • Good stories
    • Movies
    • Making art

  5. Here’s my contact info:

    • I can probably help you build your thing. I’d love to hear your idea. Send me an email, or a fax. dann [at] dannstockton [dot] com

Here’s some videos of me playing the drums covering Coldplay songs: