Using Machine Learning™️ To Summarize Meeting Notes

TL;DR: I made an app that uses technology like such as Machine Learning™ to summarize only the most important bits of your meeting notes.

Machine Learning™ Meeting Notes Summarizer

I just built a nifty tool. I was sitting in a long meeting the other day, and was thinking:

Oh man. This meeting has really gotten off track. I wish there was a tool out there to summarize only the important parts of my notes I’m taking.

The wait is over.

Machine Learning

I’m releasing it today absolutely free*.

*All I ask is that you don’t sue me when I might want to monetize it in the future by selling every single piece of data you put into my app.

Visit the app now! Machine Learning™ Meeting Notes Summarizer

Note: “Machine Learning™” is different than ‘machine learning’, and probably a registered trademark. Please don’t sue me.